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Human Rights Without Frontiers International

  • 11 décembre – Tajik court imprisons well-known heart surgeon for contact with Salafis
  • Ferghana News Agency (29.11.2017) – – The Khujand City Court of Tajikistan has sentenced Abdumalik Salomov, the famous heart surgeon, to five and a half years of imprisonment accusing him of having links with the religious movement “Salafia” banned in the republic, Asia Plus (...)
  • 11 décembre – TAJIKISTAN : Another religious figure imprisoned for Salafism propaganda
  • Ferghana News Agency (20.11.2017) – – Ilhomiddin Abdulloev, the Imam Khatib (rector) of the mosque of the village of Churuk-Darron in Guliston (formerly Kairakkum), has been sentenced to five and a half years of imprisonment in Tajikistan, the Asia Plus news agency reported, (...)
  • 11 décembre – Uzbek President pardons 2,700 convicts
  • Ferghana News (08.12.2017) – – President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev has pardoned 2,700 convicts by his decree, reports the National News Agency of Uzbekistan on 6 December. The agency emphasises that it is just the pardon, not an amnesty. An amnesty would have released (...)
  • HRWF (08.12.2017) – On 6 December, the European Court of Human Rights held a Grand Chamber hearing in the case of Molla Sali v. Greece (application no. 20452/14). The case concerns the application by the Greek courts of Islamic religious (Sharia) law to a dispute concerning inheritance rights (...)
  • 8 décembre – Two North Korean football players in Italy present possible violations of UN sanctions
  • By Lea Perekrests, Deputy Director, Human Rights Without Frontiers HRWF (07.12.2017) – Han Kwang-Song and Choe Song Hyok are two 19 year-old North Koreans who are currenty playing football in Perugia, Italy. It is reported that the North Korean government was directly involved in the creations (...)
  • 8 décembre – Religious refugees from China denied asylum in Europe
  • HRWF (11.12.2017) – Hundreds of members of the Church of Almighty God who have left their country in search of a safe haven have been denied political asylum in Europe and are under threat of being sent back to China where they will be arrested and sent to prison for years. A preliminary (...)
  • 8 décembre – GREECE : Country to confront controversy over historic sharia law
  • AFP (21.11.2017) – – On Greece’s rural border with Turkey, a sizeable Muslim minority has lived for decades, regulating their family affairs under Islamic sharia law, a legacy traced back to century-old treaties. Now, the leftist government of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras (...)

Forum 18 News Service

  • 11 décembre – Russia : Falsified "evidence" helped convictions ?
  • Apparently falsified testimonies may have helped jail two Russian Muslim prisoners of conscience, Forum 18 has been told. A representative of publishers who formerly published Russian translations of theologian Said Nursi's works has, without success, appealed to the General (...)
  • 8 décembre – Russia : Three more Muslim prisoners of conscience
  • Three Muslim prisoners of conscience have been jailed, one for four years for organising meetings to study Said Nursi's works, and the other two for three years each. A Danish Jehovah's Witness prisoner of conscience has had his Russian detention (...)
  • 6 décembre – Belarus : Maltreated, fined for offering religious literature
  • The court in Lepel has repeatedly fined local Baptists since mid-October for singing and offering Christian books to passers-by near the town market. After detaining two church members, police injured the face of one and put handcuffs so tightly on another that his hands went numb. Their (...)
  • 5 décembre – Tajikistan : "Mistakes", but prisoner of conscience remains jailed
  • Despite "mistakes" in the verdict jailing Jehovah's Witness conscientious objector Daniil Islamov for six months, the Supreme Court failed to overturn it. Jailed Protestant Pastor Bakhrom Kholmatov has chosen not to appeal further. Police and secret police raided a Protestant (...)
  • 4 décembre – Tajikistan : Nine long jail terms - for what ?
  • At least nine Muslim men - including an imam and a well-known heart surgeon - are known to have been jailed as prisoners of conscience since August in the northern Sogd Region in three separate cases. All received five years or more jail terms. Officials refused to explain what they had done (...)